COVID-19 Health Policies & Procedures

Health Policies and Procedures

Last updated on 11/18/21

Policies & Procedures

  • Current hours are 8:45-4:45 with Before-Care within individual classes from 7:30-8:45. This all supports the currently recommended pod-grouping structure.
  • For outside play time, age groups 2’s and up go outside together but in different areas of the playground. In our infants and 1’s program, classes play on the breezeway in individual class groupings.
  • We are not using toys that cannot be cleaned by the three-step process (wash, rinse, sanitize), or by laundering.  When sensory materials are used, they are assigned to one particular child only (with items such as play-doh), or used only one time and discarded after use (for sensory materials such as shaving cream).
  • We will not be doing toothbrushing activities until Washington DCYF informs us that we should resume.
  • If children become ill while at SEED, the family will be notified, and the child needs to be picked up not more than an hour after receiving notice.
  • Families must agree to abide by local recommendations (PHSKC and DOH) of social distancing, gatherings, mask wearing, etc. to ensure the safety of the entire SEED community.
  • Families must agree to abide by CDC guidelines as they relate to travel, specifically following guidance for unvaccinated people which includes all children attending SEED.
  • All staff at SEED and Temple Beth Am are required to be vaccinated. Teachers are required to wear cloth masks when in the building and with children.  Vaccinated faculty members are not required to wear masks when outside.
  • Mask-wearing is highly encouraged of children over the age of two.  We support children wearing masks whenever possible when inside and not eating or sleeping, and also understand this can be tricky for some children. We ask families to send your child (age two or older) with two clean masks daily.

Testing and Exclusion:

Please refer to the COVID flowchart to discern next steps if your child displays any symptoms listed.

If a child has a negative COVID-19 test result, they can return once they are feeling well enough to participate in daily activities AND they have been symptom free for 24 hours.

If they take a test and it comes back positive, you must alert the SEED office (Liz KnollLeatt Rousso, and Dara McAllister) as soon as you become aware of this.  If it is outside of SEED’s open hours, please contact Dara McAllister via cell phone at (206) 898-2266.


Closure policies:

  • When a child or a faculty member/facilities team member (person who has been in the SEED building) has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, the classroom community where that child/teacher has been must quarantine for 14 days in order to see if symptoms develop.
  • When a family member of a faculty member/facilities team member (person who has not been in SEED, but has been in close contact with someone who has) has a confirmed or suspected case, the person (child or faculty/facilities team member) in close contact with that person must quarantine for 14 days to see if symptoms develop.