COVID-19 Health Policies & Procedures

Health Policies and Procedures

Last updated on 5/13/2022

SEED Environment/Grouping Adaptations
SEED is not combining groups of children from different classes except when there is no alternative to be able to staff before-care or other brief moments as needed.

For outside play time, age groups 2’s and up go outside together but in different areas of the playground. In our infants and 1’s program, classes play on the breezeway in individual class groupings.

Classes are running portable HEPA filters all day, and keeping windows at least cracked open for air turnover.

All staff at SEED and Temple Beth Am are required to be vaccinated and boosted when eligible.

When children at SEED become vaccine-eligible, we will be requiring that they be fully vaccinated within 8 weeks of eligibility.

Teachers are required to wear masks when in the building and with children. Vaccinated faculty members are not required to wear masks when outside.

Mask-wearing is required in two’s, three’s, and four’s classrooms (upstairs only). We support children wearing masks whenever possible when inside and not eating or sleeping. We ask families to send children in upstairs classes with two clean masks daily. Children over age two in downstairs classes are encouraged to try mask wearing indoors where developmentally appropriate.


Following the CDC’s recommendations, there is not currently a quarantine required after travel.

Illness/Testing and Exclusion
If children become ill (see symptom flowchart) while at SEED, the family will be notified, and the child needs to be picked up not more than an hour after receiving notice. When a child’s only symptom is a runny nose, if it has not resolved after 48 hours the child may still return after the child tests negative on a rapid test and it does not interfere with the child’s engagement/comfort in the classroom.

Please refer to the COVID chart to discern next steps if your child displays any symptoms listed.

If they take a test and it comes back positive, you must alert the SEED office (Liz Knoll, Leatt Rousso, and Dara McAllister) as soon as you become aware of this. If it is outside of SEED’s open hours, please contact Dara McAllister.

Isolation and Quarantine:
Isolation for positive case: When a child who attends SEED tests positive, the child will need to isolate for 10 days from positive test or start of symptoms, and can return on day 11 after the positive test or start of symptoms, if symptom-free and fever-free for 24 hours before return

Quarantine for close contact: When a child who attends SEED has been a close contact to a confirmed positive case, the child will need to quarantine for 5 days from last close contact, and can return at day 6 with a rapid test from that morning with no symptoms.

Daily rapid tests are an important tool for understanding infectiousness. Please use rapid tests to know when your child is or is not infectious.

Secondary/tertiary exposure to Covid is the new normal. We do not share with families secondary exposure to Covid (people other than direct contacts of your child). If your child was in direct contact with someone who tests positive for Covid, you will be alerted within 2 hours of notice and be given proper quarantine instructions. For example, if the parent of a child in your child’s class tests positive for Covid, we will not alert you of this.

These policies are based on the following research:

  1. According to the experts on our health task force, over the past two years, a body of evidence has evidence has emerged showing that Covid poses a much smaller risk to children.
  2. Masking is far more effective than even vaccination at helping to reduce the spread of Covid. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports masks for children over age two.


Severity in children –

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